There are a lot of options for a side sleeper when it comes to picking a mattress. There are various mattress styles to choose from and this may confuse you but with common sense a smart decision can be made. The first thing to remember is that the mattress of a side sleeper should always follow the contours of the body while supporting the spine. The natural latex, pocketed coil springs and memory foam is highly recommended. Each has its pros and cons. Read more great facts on Best mattress for sidesleeper, click here.

Natural Latex Mattress:

This mattress consists of several layers of natural latex. The tropical rubber tree is the source of natural latex similar to acquiring syrup from a maple tree. It is then foamed and processed into a natural and chemical-free foam rubber that can be purchased today . It is proven that Latex relieves more pressure points compared to other high-tech foams. A softer top is essential for a light weight sleeper because it prevents hip and shoulder pressure. On the other hand a heavier person will be better off with firmer layers. The layers are provided by a custom mattress maker for each body type. For more useful reference regarding Best mattress for sidesleeper, have a peek here.

Traditional Pocketed Coil Spring Mattress:

These mattresses are made with individually fabric-wrapped pocketed coil springs; these are then fastened to form the base of the mattress. A high quality pocketed coil spring mattress will have a combination of firmness in the coils so they conform to the sleeper’s body, with less pressure on the shoulder and hip areas, thus keeping the spine straight. The top comfort layer should be 2-3 inches of high quality foam.

Memory Foam:

Memory foam is very common in markets today. The price runs from the discount store “cheap” type to the expensive Swedish foam that we are all very familiar with. Majority of popular and well-known brands import their memory foams from Asia in order to cut the cost and increase the bottom line for their shareholders. Make sure that the memory foam mattress you’re going to buy is American made. A quality memory foam mattress consists of a 7 inch base layer of firm urethane foam, made with ventilating channels, and a 3 inch layer of 4 pound memory foam. There are up-grades to this with several densities, layered with the higher density first (8 pound) and topped with 3 pound. A side sleeper will benefit most from this style. Memory foam does an excellent job in supporting the spine and cushioning the body. A lighter weight sleeper may find a memory foam mattress to be a bit on the firm side.

Mattress Topper:

If you cannot afford a new mattress right away, there are a lot of side sleepers that found comfort and relief by adding a high quality mattress topper. Just make sure you don’t consider buying the cheap ones. They don’t last and they have a minimal effect. 2″ of 3 or 4 pound quality memory foam, or 2 inches of natural latex on top of your firm mattress will go a long way to relieve the pressure.

Just remember that when you go mattress shopping, lie down on it in the store in your usual sleeping position. MAKE SURE THAT YOU BRING YOUR OWN PILLOW. Your pillow has a huge effect on how you sleep. The pressure-relieving properties of the mattresses described here are listed from the most relief to the lesser relief. Keep in mind that your mattress choice is a big decision. You’ll probably be spending 10 years on your next mattress, so it’s recommended that you take your time picking and consider all factors. Please view this site http://www.wikihow.com/Sleep-Comfortably for further details.


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